Locals Only Event with GTA in Downtown Miami Area

GTA + KLAUD + IDENTICAL + MORE @ The Stage Miami on Thursday March 14th

A Locals Only Event Thrown by Local Artists and Promoted by Local Promoters

Photo Mar 07, 12 58 25 AM

We were contacted by a local group of DJs and Promoters here in Miami where our Nightlife Company is based. They were able to book a nice venue even though it will be during WMC and almost all venues are booked full by commercial companies promoting to tourists. When they first contacted me they only had the venue locked down, not a headlining artist yet, but a couple days ago we just got the final confirmation from Matt Toth (from GTA) that they will be there.

Now that they had the venue locked down and the artist (GTA) they could start promoting, and all the people they involved with that are Miami based as well. The people hosting the event are DJs them selves like The twins “Identical” (DJ Alex M & DJ Massive), Andre Skyy, and Rob Vans who will be performing at the event them selves alongside GTA, Eran Hersh, Darmon, and Klaud. Shawn Castro is on the flyer, but WILL NOT BE THERE. I myself have heard all of these DJs play live at shows before (except Klaud & Rob Vans), and I promise you they know how to make a crowd move better then most big artists like David Guetta, if you have any doubt come and see for your self, presales are only 10$ with the Promo Code “MITCH” so money is no excuse. Identical (Alex M & Massive) ive seen play many times, and they really know how to move a crowd, and they play amazing music, they always get the dance floors packed at any time of the night.

This Locals Only Event will be filled with Miami Locals, and you may see some old friends, since the promoters and artists are Miami based the crowds will be locals, and no tourists. So if you looking to get a real good feel for the Miami Lifestyle with real Miami Locals and not tourists then this is the event for you! Amazing DJs ticket ridiculously low, you know they throw this event for pleasure and not money like all the other events around Miami. Also the venue (The Stage Miami) is located in the design district which is in Downtown Area not too far from Ultra Music Festival. So we hope to see you there, I promise ill be there going crazy like a true Nightlife Maniac!