Get Free or Discounted Entry to Top Local Nightclubs

Getting into the Local Nightclubs is easier then you think, especially since nightclubs want you to be there! In movies you always see people getting rejected at the door, this does happen in real life too how ever for a different reason… preparation! If you randomly walk up to a club and try to get in you will have a hard time, or you will have to spend a lot of money. If you prepare and plan ahead you will almost always get in the club. Most people get rejected at clubs because of dress code, age, ID, and many more of those types of circumstances. These circumstances can easily be avoided by preparation, because the access is only limited by reasons you can fix(except age). These aren’t the olden days anymore where the bouncers were forced to make racist decisions on who gets in the club, now they are purely sexist, but thats another future article. For now I will list all of the different ways you can get into clubs, lounges, bars, or even festivals. Then I will tell you more about the ways of entry so you can put them to use your self. Each venue is different and will have different ways to get in, and some will have only one way and some will have more, but almost all the clubs work in the same ways which are all listed below.


Tickets is by far always the best way to get in to any venue if they are available. The only risk is that you have to be sure they are real, online this is not any issue because is can be traced back to the seller, but if you are buying tickets from the streets(a local ticket seller) then you always run the risk of the ticket being fake. So in conclusion the best way to get into any event is to buy tickets online. Also when you purchase tickets (especially online) the venue or event host is obligated by law to let you in as long as you followed all the requirements and rules. So even if the club is over capacity they will always let in the people who bought tickets. Ticket buyers become priority because they are bond by law to do their part and give you the event you pad for (unless event is cancelled).


Guest Lists are many times misunderstood by the party people. You do not have to be a special person to be on the guest list, you just have to know the promoter who runs the guest list, or find out about the house guest list. The promoter may have certain requirements or limitations for the people he allows on his list. For example at the top clubs here in Miami, we hate it, but the only way you can get on the guest list at nightclubs like Story, Liv, or Wall is if you are a very attractive female, or if your a male you must bring 3 or 4 very attractive females with you per guy to get in. The ratio must be 1 guy to 4 hot girls pretty much. Then again for other clubs like Space Miami (say “MITCH” at the door), or Off the Hookah all you have to do is say the promoters name(“Mitch”) at the door and you get in free with out even having to speak with the promoter before going. So guest lists can work in many ways, but all you have to know is that they work with promoters (person) or even promotional companies (groups of promoters). So when your looking to go out, just find a way to get in contact with one of the promoters for the club you want to get in to and ask him/her about how the guest list works or if there isn’t one what the alternative is.


VIP NIGHTCLUBThis is an option any decent nightclub will have unless its a rave warehouse, concert hall, or something similar, yet even these places most of the time have VIP sections as well.  Incase you didn’t know VIP stand for Very Important Person, how ever in nightclub you don’t have to be important, you just have to have money. In most high end nightclub if you purchase a table or a bottle you will be seated in what is considered the V.I.P. Section of the club. This is nice because you can actually sit down, most clubs have no places to sit for the general admission. You can get in VIP by contacting your a promoter, or there will almost always be RSVP info on the Nightclub’s website.


Most Local Nightclubs will let pay at the door, but almost always will it cost more then the tickets would have, also for the high end clubs, you cant get in at the door unless you buy a bottle or table. Paying at the door is not a good option because its always pricey, and can be risky since alot of clubs do not allow walk ins, because sometimes the venues can be over capacity or there may be a special event.


If any of the options above are not an option for you, then you can always try your chances sneaking in or tipping one of the security or bouncers. Sneaking in to Local Nightclubs is not the best method, because it may get you in legal trouble as well as hurt, because if the bouncers catch you they will not handle you very carefully, also you could trip or fall. So a better option is to tip one of the bouncers to secretly let you in, this way they wont have you arrested or will they stop you. When doing this you have to make sure the bouncer is not being watched by the club owners or other workers including bouncers. Find a bouncer at a back door, those are usually the most likely to let you in. Remember… Money talks so if he says no, up the price a few times and he might change his mind, but he may always be firm with sticking to his job so dont count on getting in this way. This is usually a last resort thing for me, and should be for you. This works pretty easy at festivals as well, but remember make sure the person you ask is alone and no one is watching him. Also we at Nightlife Maniac DO NOT ADVISE THIS OPTION we are simply giving you all the information.