Miami Music Week / Winter Music Conference – March 2014

General Information about Miami Music Week / Winter Music Conference

WMC Miami Logo

          Winter Music Conference (WMC) is actually a conference that is usually held yearly at the Miami Beach Convention Center in South Beach, Miami. The conference is dedicated to the music industry, and mainly focuses on genres like Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and other various similar genres. At the actual conference thats is held in the convention center, you can find booths from different companies within the industry like Pioneer, or Traktor. You can go there and many times receive free handouts/promotional items like stickers,keychains,pens, and other items. Also at the booths you can try out new dj equipment and other fun things to do. WMC also host many different events around Miami during the month of March.


          Miami Music Week (MMW) is also sometimes confused with the Winter Music Conference (WMC) in Miami, Florida. They both take place towards the end of March every year, and they both takes place in Miami, Fl. How ever they are different organizations and are often considered the same thing. Sometimes even the name Miami Music Conference (MMC) comes into use, and is also used interchangeably with WMC and MMW as well. Either way the main thing you need to know is there is an actual conference hosted by WMC and for the rest, there are many different events organized by many different organizations like WMC, MMW, and even other companies not mentioned in the article. They all take place toward the end of March and in Miami exclusively.

          During the month of March there are more nightlife type events held in Miami more then any other month.  Also Miami has the most tourism during March as well, so every single club/bar/lounge is hosting some type event. If you ever plan on visiting Miami and your looking to party rather than go sight seeing, then Toward the end of March is the time you want to be in Miami, FL. Another major contributing factor to Miami Music Week’s succes and popularity is due to the biggest event held all year in Miami. The event is called Ultra Music Festival or UMF for short. UMF is a world-wide festival, and during the month of March UMF is in Miami. The do festival in many places from Ibiza to Brazil and more. How ever many of the performers and fans of UMF would generally agree that the best UMF would be the UMF in Miami.