Proper Nightclub Etiquette

How to Behave at a Nightclub and How to Deal With the People That Don’t

There are many ways to have a great night at any Nightclub, bar or lounge, but theres even more ways to have a bad one. Here are some tips and tricks I found to be useful while enjoying your night out with your friends and not get distracted with the negative that may surround you. People forget that just because you are out to go wild and party doesn’t mean you have to misbehave to have fun. The people you may meet at the clubs can range from the belligerently drunk, to aggressive, and even too friendly. This how I found to best deal with them and still have a great night and lot let them spoil the night.

Dont Be a Hater:

For those that don’t know a “hater” is a term used for some one who is negative and likes to inflict his/her negativity onto others. Most of the haters are created by jealousy, but there are some that just love to hate on anyone. Let the haters hate, but don’t let them affect you. At nightclubs especially a simple altercation can lead to a nasty fight or worse. Don’t let it get to that point, when some is hating on you or saying distasteful things to you, you may not want to do just nothing, I know personally its not easy to ignore them all.

Justin Bieber HatingSo what do you do to have Nightclub Etiquette? You laugh at them, you know they are only there bothering you because they either feel threatened by you or are jealous of something. This doesn’t mean you did anything wrong and don’t forget that, jealously is in us all, some just cant control it like you or me. Its important to show no interest not only to avoid an altercation, but also because they hate this even more. When they see that you aren’t affected by them it will aggravate them even more, this could be bad too, but you are in a club with security, so when ever they become more aggressive feel to call over any security and let them know. They may not throw them out right away but they will be watching and once he shows any more signs of negativity or aggressiveness they will take action. It is their job to keep these people under control and to throw out the ones that cannot control them selves. Also you not in high school anymore, your not telling on some one to get them in trouble with the teacher, you getting them kicked out so you can party even harder with out breaking any Nightclub Etiquette rules. Also from experience I know as well the worst night you can have is when you dress up and pay to get into a club and then get thrown out anyway. Just remember they are the problem, don’t get your self kicked out trying to solve their problem by fighting, because this will ruin your night much more then theirs since it was their intention and not your to start this altercation.

Drink a Lot, but Not Too Much:

Gijs Drank Too Much

This may be an obvious one, but yet every club you go to you can witness many people drinking past their limits. If you drink even if your underage, there is no excuse not to know your limits. If you don’t drink often then remember that when your more experienced friends are pouring drinks left and right, they may be able to handle it and they may expect you to as well, but if your not sure, don’t do it. Alcohol takes time to hit you, and everyone learns this lesson at some point in time, thats fine, but learn from it. You may feel like your having an awesome night when your too drunk, but trust me the people around you are strongly affected by it, and even though some may not say or show it, they look down on you for not being able to handle your liquor. If you enjoy getting that drunk its fine, many people still do, but then don’t do in a public place, and make other people responsible for you because you cant take care of your self since your to intoxicated to function. We at Nightlife Maniac love to drink and party and have a good time, and we want you to as well, but if your on the floor I cant see how this would end up being a good night for you, and you may not remember much from that night but the people around you will. Drink & party hard, but its impossible party when your passed out. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you do drugs, and mix it with alcohol it may be dangerous depending on the drug of choice, but it may also increase the affect of alcohol even to the most experienced drinker, so keep in mind to be extra careful when combining the two. (legally we are obliged to not condone drug use).

The Nightclub Staff Is Not There to Party:

It is important to keep in mind that the staff of any nightclub is not there to party with you but to make sure your having a good time. They are not there that night for the same reasons as you, this may be obvious to most, but some forget to treat security or the bartenders with a level of respect higher then their fellow party people. You don’t have to be overly nice or respectful, but dont make the mistake of disrespecting a bouncer or bartender, this is in your best interest. Bartenders have to legal right to cut off anyone from drinking for what ever reason they wish, as well as the security may kick you out for what ever reason they wish. How ever the fact that they are there to work and not play can benefit you as well. If you are having trouble with a bouncer to get in a club, money is the biggest motivator. How ever this does not apply to bartenders if your trying to buy drinks underage, if they sell to minors the entire club can be shut down as well as not only the bartender that sold the drink, but every bartender will be fined a large amount by the government. Like I said before, money is the motivation, and they will lose a lot if they get caught so most wont take the risk. You can have a great relationship with any worker, but also a bad one, and remember that they call the shots, not you.

Just Have a Good Time and You Will be Fine:

Have Fun!If you don’t misbehave too much, nothing will get in the way of having a an amazing night out with your friends. If you chose to be nice you may even make more friends rather enemies. Every one has the intention to have a good time, and keep that in mind even when your in an altercation. If you find your self in a bad situation with some one, nearly all the time it can be resolved with buying them a drink, and I personally made friends that I initially had problems with. It is very easy to start a fight but it can also be just as easy to end it, and remember why you came there, not to fight but to party!