Ultra Music Festival Miami – The Disney World for DJ’s

ultra disney pic

The Disney World for DJ’s

Ultra Music Festival Miami is only days away and in Downtown Miami right now it feels like theres a calm before the storm of tourists flooding Miami for Winter Music Conference (WMC). Any one who is some one in the Music or Nightlife Events industry will be here or has been here a previous year. Its compares to Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) but with more of a party vibe like Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) or Wonderland in Belgium. Ultra Miami began in the 1990’s on the beach in South Beach. It was very small and many of my friends remember sneaking in to the first few Ultras very easily through the beach or water. Back then the attendance numbers were triple digits, now they numbers reach six figures. UMF came along way from that party on the beach. Lets just say it went from a small town carnival to what it is today the Disney Parks of Nightlife! (Except with out rides of course)

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Just like in the Disney Parks today Ultra Music Festival Miami has stepped up in its security and technology. It is nearly impossible to sneak in to Ultra these days(we of course still know how, check back later for that post!), they hired hundreds of security guards to guard the perimeter as well as crowd control inside Ultra. UMF certainly stepped up in technology as well, Disney went 3D, and Ultra Music Festival Miami got bigger speakers and lights. There is no comparison when you look at todays production of Ultra Fest to what it was when it started. The first Ultra had one stage and now the have too many to count on one hand. Another thing they have in common with Disney is the Celebrities and the role they play in their careers. For a DJ to play a set at Ultra is a well known achievement since all the best DJs play there.