Ultra Music Festival – UMF Miami 2014 is Finally Here

UMF Miami 2014
Ultra Music Festival has been around for many years, and the festival tours all over the world. How ever the home of UMF will always be here in Miami, Florida. This is where it all began, on the beaches of South Beach, Miami. They started small, but quickly became popular in Miami, and then the world. Ultra these days is taking place now in downtown Miami. They also expanded internationally to Ibiza, Brazil, and more. The festivals held around the world are very good, but many will agree that Ultra in Miami is the best experience you could have. Many industry leaders and top artists favor this festival over the rest, because of the atmosphere, energy of crowds, weather, and many more reasons.


This year Ultra Music Festival will headline most of the top electronic dance music artists in the industry. Anyone who is anyone in the DJ world will be in Miami in the end of every March. This is not only because of Ultra, but also due to Winter Music Conference and Miami Music Week which all take place roughly in the same week. There are so many other events going on in Miami during the end of March, that every single venue, nightclub, bar, or lounge is hosting some type of event. So if your here in Miami for UMF, then don’t forget to check out the hundreds of other events going all week long. Also these events are headlined by the same top artists that perform at Ultra. So if you missed your favorite artist at Ultra or you want to see more of him/her simply check our site Nightlife Maniac and you’ll be sure to find more events with your favorite artists.