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Useful Information:   Here you can browse all the events easily, and they are ordered by the dates the events are taking place on. Once you found an event your interested in, simply click on the “Buy Now” button. Then in a new tab, you will be brought to our partner’s website (Wantickets) where you can find more details about the event your interested, and also you will be able to complete your final purchase of the ticket(s) for the event. If you are no longer interested in the event, simply close the new tab and continue to search on the Nightlife Maniac website. All the events on Nightlife Maniac are organized in a convenient way to make it easier for you to find the event your looking for. Remember to always come to Nightlife Maniac first, when looking for or browsing events. Only use the Wantickets website to complete the final purchase once you have already chosen an event through the Nightlife Maniac website. Not only is this for your convenience, but also because many times we offer discounts, information, promo codes, and sometimes even events that cannot be found on Wantickets or other websites.

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