Body English Nightclub

Nightlife Maniac Rating- 9/10


Venue Phone Number- (702) 693-5555

Venue Address- 4455 Paradise Road Las Vegas, NV 89169

Venue Homepage URL-

Description of Venue-   Despite being located underground, it is no secret that Body English is one of Las Vegas’ most beautiful spaces for intimate live entertainment. Guests walk down a long flight of stairs which leads to the main entrance of the club. The first focal point that catches the eye is a larger-than-life million dollar, color-changing crystal chandelier that hangs over the main dance floor, offering a touch of elegance while simultaneously offering just enough lighting to create an intimate ambiance. Around the perimeter of the upstairs level are the main bar and a number of VIP godfather booths, ideal for elite groups. On the main dance floor, additional VIP booths made of elegant black leather circle the room, giving guests the best view of all the action. Complete with its own DJ booth, bar and waitress staff, the room known as The Parlor, which is adjacent to the main dance floor, also offers an intimate experience for separate parties.

There are two stories and 7600 sq. ft of devious thrill space here. The lower tier features cavelike booths where you can find a lot of privacy. If you need more than that, there are also private rooms available. The experience at Body Language is distinct and unique when compared to other nightclubs. Body Language epitomizes luxury and sensuality.












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